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Constructing Africa
Liege Africa offers superior full-fledged construction services to local and international clients at a world class level. We have the experience, infrastructure and skills to deliver end results that exceed current standards and expectations. View our portfolio –
A standing corroboration of our promise to deliver Reliable Construction.

Reliable Construction

As an industry leader, Liege Africa is building and expanding its footprint on the African continent. With our head office situated in Lusaka, Zambia, our service offering allows for customised construction solutions to the entire Pan-African market. We have more than a century’s experience in project development and construction management, our clients readily rely on our abilities, experience and skills.

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We have decades of industry experience, are fully qualified in our trade, and have worked on numerous large scale projects.
Our modern equipment, meticulous processes and stringent project management result in trusted, solid infrastructure.
We deliver construction services based on a result-driven project plan, to ensure that the finished project is always of superior quality.
Our management team is extensively involved in all projects and therefore our service is detailed, valued and timeous.
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Do you have an upcoming project and looking for reliable experts to take care of it? Our expertise include project management, property development and cost management. We have the experience to offer specialist services throughout the full cycle of your project – contact our offices today for a comprehensive quote.
USD/ZMW: 10.00 USD/ZMW: 10.00 ZAR/ZMW: 0.71 ZAR/ZMW: 0.71 USD/ZAR: 14.13 USD/ZAR: 14.13 GBP/ZMW: 13.40 GBP/ZMW: 13.40 Gold: 1,276.13 USD Silver: 16.85 USD Platinum: 920.30 USD Crude Oil: 46.89 USD